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Calories in Your Favourite Snacks

Eating clean and healthy sounds good in theory but for most, healthy food seems boring after a while especially if you don’t make healthy eating a habit. A healthy and food meal includes fresh fruits, seasonal vegetables, grains, dairy, and protein. Your everyday meals need to be complete with all nutrients so that you are able to achieve your health or weight loss goals. Take a break once a week with cheat foods but don’t cheat on a healthy diet everyday!

Calories in Your Favourite Snacks

Consuming extra sugars, saturated fat, and sodium is unhealthy and they add extra inches to your body. Don’t ignore such facts and put healthy meals on your food platter. Let’s see how many calories each of your favourite snacks has, and its impact on your health.


1 piece of regular-triangle of samosa has 252 calories. The king of the Indian snacks, this potato-filled, deep fried triangle makes us drool all the time! Would you like it if someone steams/bakes it instead of frying? No, right.


A small bowl of chivda has 201 calories. This snack is quite popular in Maharashtra and made with fried peanuts, puffed rice, chickpea, lentils and other ingredients. One healthy way of making chivda is to roast it instead of deep frying.


1 piece of pakora has 75 calories, and a plateful may have 400+ calories. Also known as fritters made with vegetables/chicken that is dipped in a batter of chickpea & rice flour, and deep fried. Come rains, and they become a great snack to have with tea.


1 piece contains 150 calories. This is a long lasting snack, deep fried and made of urad dal, rice flour and several other spices.

Mendu Vada

1 piece of mendu vada has 100 calories. A South Indian staple, traditionally served with sambhar made of lentil and coconut chutney. Doughnut shaped, deep fried rings are prepared with a mixture of lentils and spices.

Having junk food is bad for your health. Extra fat content adds extra calories, thereby increasing the risk of lifestyle co-morbidities, like heart diseases and liver cancer. Not only that, it also hampers your weight loss goals and affects your skin. Having a nutrient rich diet is very important to be in the pink of your health. Not just that, regular exercise is also necessary. As food connects family, it is really important for everyone to eat right and workout. Along with that, regular preventive health checkup is equally important for each member of your family, for all ages. This can save a lot of out of pocket expenses and keep your family’s happiness intact. Know how you can customize health checkup packages to suit the needs of everyone in your family.

This way, you can also include some of your favourite snacks in your diet on cheat days and still plan to achieve your health goals in the best suitable way.

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