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Family is everything. We Indians traditionally have been living in joint families with our grandparents, our parents and siblings, all together in one house. Even though today, when nuclear families have taken the place of joint families, still we love to meet our grandparents/grandchildren and spend quality time with them. The feeling of connecting with the family is beyond words, so it can be aptly said that when everybody is around, the house literally becomes a home.

The wellbeing and health of our family members is always paramount on our mind, but to predict their future is very difficult. To make their future happy and healthy, it is imperative to adopt a healthy lifestyle and opt for a regular family health checkup that promises healthy and joyful future of your entire family. Indus Health Plus provides complete family health checkup packages at highly discounted prices.


A family is a combination of elderly and young. This bouquet of packages caters everyone's health needs and issues.

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