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Oral Health Care

Continual oral care will keep your pearly whites shining for long, bad breath in check and cut back on loads of dental issues.

Oral Health Care

Maintaining good dental hygiene should be a mandate among one and all. Not only a major put off but dirty teeth also leads to several other health concerns as well.

Poor Dental Health Can Cause -

Heart diseases, mouth cancers, gum disorders, bad breath, tooth loss, dental decay and much more!

You must understand and remember that there are a set of things your teeth love and hate.

Your Teeth Hates....

  • Smoking and drinking (wine)
  • Soda and coffee
  • Hard or gummy candies
  • Opening stuff with them
  • Chewing on hard ice
  • Bedtime bottles

Your Teeth Loves....

  • Cheese and yogurt
  • Sugar free gum
  • Celery, apples and pears
  • Onions and basil (help reduce bacteria)
  • Pineapple (a natural stain remover)
  • Sesame seeds (help scrub away plaque)

Now that you know the good and bad for your oral health, here are some

Enlightening Dental Bytes

  • Brush your teeth - 2 minutes, 2 times
  • Not only teeth, brush your tongue too
  • Floss, floss, floss!
  • Rinse mouth with a mouthwash for a fresh and germfree breath
  • Gently do a finger massage on gums, often!
  • Keep your toothbrush upright to air dry
  • Use fluoride based toothpaste
  • Visit your dentist twice a year

So, the mantra for good wellbeing goes like ....

'Oral Health = Overall Health'

Keeping a track over your dental hygiene is highly essential for your overall health and good personality too. If not given proper time and care, it may lead to various health problems, which might turn out to be serious in the future. A full body checkup helps you to keep an eye on not only your dental problem but other problems too. Timely dental treatment works as a stitch in time, which saves nine.

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