Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer Types & Stages

Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers. The percentage of people suffering from skin cancer is higher than any other cancer. The cancer has different types according to  cells and layers of the skin which are affected.

Skin Cancer Types & Stages

The post here gives the information about skin cancer stages and the types.

Skin Cancer Types

The skin cancer types have been categorized based on its origin and effects. These types are melanoma, basal cell skin cancer and squamous cell skin cancer, where the melanoma cancer is the most dangerous skin cancer.

  • Melanoma

    Melanoma is the skin cancer type that develops in melanocytes (the cells that produce brown skin pigments). This is found in the innermost layer of the skin. Melanoma cancer grows very fast and if not treated at its early stage can lead grave consequences. The cancer has no specific location on the skin and can be developed on any part including the places that come very less in contact to the sun light. The cancer is curable if found in the early stage.
  • Basal cell carcinoma

    This type of skin cancer is most common and least dangerous. It develops in the basal cells, which are found in the outermost layer of the skin. The cancer grows slowly and usually found on the head or neck. It can look like a pearly or transparent bump on the skin.
  • Squamous cell carcinoma

    The cancer is not highly dangerous until and unless this is not spread to the other parts of the skin and treated at its early stage. The growth of this cancer is medium and takes months. The cancer usually develops on the part of the skin which is most exposed to the sun.

The basal cells carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma are together known as non-melanoma cancers.

Skin Cancer Stages

Skin cancer level has been categorized into five stages according to its growth.

Stage 0

This is the initial stage of skin cancer where cells start turning into cancer; however, they do not start spreading yet.

Stage 1

In this stage, cancer has grown to the size around 2 cm and has 1 or less high risk features.

The high risk features includes

  • The size of cancer is more than 2 cm
  • Has spread to the lower dermis
  • Has spread around the nerves
  • Spread to the ear or lip
  • Starts looking abnormal under microscopic vision

Stage 2

The size has increased more than 2 cm and has at least 2 high risk features.

Stage 3

In this stage cancer starts growing into the bones of the face or starts spreading into the nearby lymph nodes which are at the same side of the body and has the size less than 3 cm.

Stage 4

In the stage 4, the cancer starts growing into the spine, ribs or lower part of the skull. It can also be the case that cancer has grown into a lymph node that is more than 3 cm in size, or has grown to an internal organ, like, lungs.

Skin cancer is one of the world's most common types of cancers. Its stage and type depends on various factors like the depth of penetration, thickness, and the extent to which cancer has spread. Complete health checkup of your skin help to diagnose it early and lead to an increase in the chances of successful treatment. Fill up the form below to know more about the health check-ups and available treatment options with Indus Health Plus.

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