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DNAwise Genetic Test Package

DNAwise Genetic Test Package

DNAwise can guide you about the changes you can make to personalize your diet, physical activities and health checkups to stay healthy and fit.

DNAwise Package
DNAwise Package


Your health is the result of the interaction between your genes and lifestyle



Your genes influence the metabolism and absorption of the food you eat and may influence your taste preferences as well.



Your genes can tell you which physical activities suit your body the best



Your genetic makeup can also influence your tendency for certain habits (addiction) that may affect your health.

DNAwise Genetic Packages

DNAwise Genetic Test Package

DNAwise Genetic Package

Nutrition and Fitness

DNAwise Wellness is a genetic testing package that informs you about your genetic tendencies for various nutrition and fitness related parameters.

COVID-19 Genetic Package

Add-on COVIDNAwise Package

COVIDNAwise Genetic report will help you understand your genetic risk for COVID-19 infection and severity.

How DNA Test Kit Works


1. Spit

  • Buy DNAwise & kit will be delivered at your address
  • Call +91-9545622222 to understand the instructions on how to use the kit

2. Send

  • Two way free shipping
  • Send the saliva sample to Indus
  • Indus will extract & analyze your DNA using latest technology

3. Discover

  • Know more about yourself through your genetic reports in just 4-5 weeks
  • Genetic Counseling call to explain & provide lifestyle recommendations based on your reports
Why Indus Health Plus

Why Indus Health Plus for DNAwise

To empower you with good health, Indus is offering a next-generation preventive healthcare service, DNAwise, a personalized genetic testing package.Indus Health Plus has democratized preventive healthcare in India by making quality healthcare Available, Accessible and Affordable.

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Quick Reporting TimeQuick Reporting Time
5K + Kits Sold5K+ Tests sold
Over 20 Years in HealthcareOver 20 Years in Healthcare

What People Says About DNAwise

meeta tour
Meeta Tour, indore
Reveal Your Health Secrets With DNAwise

Genetic test report guide her life long wellness. Live a healthy lifestyle.

Vishal Gomale
Vishal Gomale, Mumbai
Be Wise Choose DNAwise

DNAwise educates about the changes required to be made for good health, nutrition, fitness & guides on checkups required to stay healthy.

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Pranali Sawant
Pranali Sawant, Mumbai
Identify and Mitigate health risks in advance with DNAwise and livea happy life.

Genetic testing studies an individual to find the basis of traits & Estimate predisposition risk of susceptibility to diseases.

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How to Use Indus Health Plus DNAwise Kit

DNAwise Kit

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